1 Week Agreement

1 Week Agreement

Your Price: $20.00
Part Number:1week

1 Week Membership

How it works

The Costs:

1. You agree to pay $20.

2. You agree to pay a $25 deposit for your security key. This is refundable if the key is returned to us.

The Benefits:

1. You have access to our gym 24 hours a day, for one week.

How to get set up:

1. Select the type of membership you would like

2. Put it in your shopping cart

3. Agree to the terms and conditions

4. Complete the purchase

5. Receive a text with the code to the lockbox that contains your security key.

6. Retrieve your key from the lockbox on the front wall of our gym

7. Let yourself into the gym with your new key

8. Sign the waiver sheet just inside the door.

9. That’s it, you are now a member with 24 hour access.

You have the option to have the key fob mailed to you, if you prefer.

We can also do all steps over the phone or by text, if you prefer. Call us at 702-434-0240

After your agreement ends, you can renew at the same price, or change to a different type of agreement, all with a simple phone call.

To return the key to us, simply slide it under our office door when you are finished with your last workout. You can also mail it to us if you forget.